Workplace Wellness & Retrocomissioning Subscription

We are revolutionalizing the energy efficiency that is delivered to you and your organization. Optimizing your facility should be easy. It should involve the brightest minds in the retrocommissiong arena and build on best practices.

Your monthly membership of $199.00 will give you access to the RCx tools you need to be successful in your facility. Think of us as your personal RCx Agent delivered right to your inbox.

Along with your monthly membership; you will receive a monthly planner which includes suggested maintenance timelines for equipment optimization, monthly RCx inserts, and/or kit delivered to your office, guiding you through the process of conducting your own scoping investigation of your facility. Our team of RCx agents has retrocomissioned millions of square feet across the country.

You will also have access to downloadable RCx files, planners, reports, AND the ability to set up virtual meetings with one of our RCx agents to further help you and your team through the process.

Lots of buildings are sitting empty right now (schools, colleges, casinos, event centers, bars, restaurants, office buildings, e). The biggest objection to implementing RCx projects is, “We’re too busy right now or wait for the annual shut down.”

Here is a sample of what you will learn;

Air handler scheduling, setbacks; Zone level scheduling setbacks; How to fix economizers = free cooling; How to diagnose malfunctioning economizers; How to fix VAV boxes; How to diagnose malfunctioning VAV boxes and much more.

RCx Scoping can run a business anywhere from $3,500-$6,000.00. We are providing you the RCx process for less than $3,000.00 per year plus ongoing support.

Your subscription provides access to the online learning library. Separately you are able to book individual weekly virtual learning/diagnosing sessions with a highly trained RCx agent. Those individual sessions are billed in addition to your monthly RCx Learning Library Subscription.


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